Guest Post: To The Big Moon

A rainy day with a princess

We have been following Queen Penelope- aka Instagram's @tothebigmoon, for a couple of years now, and she was in fact one of our very first customers. We asked her brilliant mum Nicole to share with us some secrets of how important an imagination is when living somewhere like rainy Scotland!  

The sound of rain on our windows washing away all the hopes of adventures and possibilities is all too familiar here in Scotland, so we've learned to improvise a little.


All you need is some cardboard, (a lot of) cello tape, a crown (or two), a wand and an imagination. 

You can add a sprinkle of fairy lights if you fancy digging into the christmas box. 


On this rainy day Princess Penelope put on her best dress which is a beautiful 1980's piece from Rowdy Roddy Vintage and adorned her sparkly Fable Heart Ice Crown with wand to match...because every Princess needs a wand to rule! 

There's something special and magical about piling all your favourite toys and books into a homemade den, dressing up and forgetting about the world. A bit of escapism from reality is good for the soul and I can't help popping on a crown myself to really embrace the moment. 

The lopsided cardboard houses we build may not last long, but the memories will and our Fable Heart crowns will be around to see through many a home made den for years to come. 

Thank you so much Nicole for sharing a day in the life of Queen P with us!

If you would like to send us photos and a blog submission of your little one enjoying their dress up clothes, please email - we'd love to hear from you! 

Magic is Coming...

Back in February, we spent the day at Tempo Manor, making our first ever video of everything we'll be releasing this year. We had SO MUCH FUN!

Our Camera man/ director/ editor Jerome Monnot  & Sound man/ designer/ editor Angel Pérez Grandi were completely awesome- 

Also helping us out were purveyors of best barefoot shoes ever Amy & Ivor , the ever wonderful & inspirational Mutiny Kids , and the completely gorgeous & equally bonkers Dance With Dirty Feet girls.

We had such a magical, special day watching our little ones playing about in the woods and in the grounds of this incredible house. There was very little styling involved, as I wanted the products to really be seen as they are. 

The final video will be available to view on our homepage and Vimeo very soon! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these teaser clips- we'd love to know what you think!

A huge thank you to everyone that spent the day with us and worked so hard making our vision into a reality.



Behind the Scenes of Our Latest Shoot

For our 2016 range Starry Nights, we see a return to all things magical & sparkly for Fable Heart. Brilliant photographer Ciara Jones captured our range beautifully for us- but as always, when working with little ones, there are a lot of outtakes!

Here's a look behind the scenes from our day...

We enjoyed at least two minutes of sugar free time at the beginning of the day. After a few shots, it was necessary to abandon all normal parenting standards and bribe the model. 

Mini donut consumption levels were high, but that does seem to be the only thing Fairy Princess Queens will eat when at work.

Ciara shot our product photography, and styled sets all in one day. She's also growing a tiny human in that belly- Wonder Woman!

After the realisation that mum (and photographer) had finished the donuts off, Peter Rabbit assisted in helping us capture all the crown shots. Watching Telly Face looks a lot like Model Face, helpfully!

After lunch, reinforcements were brought in, in the form of best pal Daisy & baby sister May- both of whom added to the chaos. They had thankfully been with responsible grandparents up until this point, and had had a more nutritious lunch.

Hugs all round!

Hugs all round!

We managed to squeeze in a little dance off...

We managed to squeeze in a little dance off...

And when the music came on- the twirling commenced...

And it went on and on and on!...

We eventually crashed and burned, and fell into a big sequiny slumber on the way home.

Thank you so much for capturing our range Ciara! 

Ciara is available for corporate, family and wedding shoots, throughout Ireland & the rest of the big wide world.